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How To Use

Before you use your Weigh-It scale for the first time pull out the plastic battery separator, protruding from the battery compartment.

howto1.jpg 1. Release hook
On the underside of the scale the metal hook is held in place by a magnet. To release the hook gently pull it.

howto2.jpg 2. Attach
Take the attachment and slip it underneath the handle of your suitcase or bag. Then hang both of the triangular metal ends of the attachment onto the hook.

howto3.jpg 3. Activate
Before lifting, turn on the WEIGH IT scale by pressing the power/reset button which is just underneath the power icon. You will hear a beep and 0.00 will show on the LCD. You are now ready to start weighing.


Lift your suitcase or bag carefully (see lifting advice below), just a few inches from the ground then wait just a couple of seconds for the beep. This indicates that the weight has been held and is ready to view on the display. Lower the suitcase or bag to the floor (see lifting advice below) and view the recorded weight on the easy read display.

To repeat this process, press the power/reset button. Once 0.00 is displayed you can start again. If you wish to weigh another item remove the triangles from the hook and start again.

It is possible to weigh in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb). To do this press the kg/lb button and select your choice of unit.

How To Insert Batteries

Using finger pressure carefully remove the battery cap by turning in the direction indicated by the symbols (clockwise). If you need to use a coin to remove the battery cap be careful not to overturn, never turn further than symbols. Please check BOTH batteries are UNDER the protruding metal battery connector. Once they are both under the connector, please ensure the metal strip is connecting with the batteries firmly. When closing the battery cap, please do not overturn further than the locked symbol (anti clockwise).

Lifting safety with weight it





1. Stand with the luggage in front of you with a shoulder-width stance, or in a staggered position for balance.





2. Bend your knees, not your waist, and keep your trunk vertical.





3. Using both hands and a firm grip on the scale, slowly straighten your legs. Do not twist your torso.

To set down, bend your knees, not your waist, and keep your trunk vertical.